Beaches in Isla Cristina, Andalusia, Huelva, Spain

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Isla Cristina has 12 kilometers of beaches made up of golden sands, light, sun, transparent waters, natural and urban beaches that are scattered throughout Islantilla to the Isla Cristina.

Golden sands, 300 days of sun out of the year, isolated, urban and equipped beaches like those in Punta del Caiman, Islantilla, Casita Azul, Urbasur, Redondela etc. In these beaches you can enjoy sports like windsurf, sailing, swimming, diving, as well as taking walks through the pinetrees and sand dunes while enjoying the beautiful flora and fauna this location has to offer.

Whichever way you look at it, you´ll find nearby beaches in Isla del Moral in the municipality of Ayamonte, or the beaches in La Antilla or Lepe. In this last municipality, Lepe, you´ll find the only nudist beach in the area in the beach of Nueva Umbria.


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  • Islantilla beach is located near Isla Cristina. It is an urbanized area with hotels and apartments. Medium occupancy levels. Excellent services and handicap access down to the beach.

    Islantilla. Complejo turístico.

  • Punta del Caiman beach in Isla Cristina is a golden sand beach. It is a sort of isthimus next to Punta del Moral in Ayamonte. Golden sands and low occupancy levels. Services offered.

    Frente a Punta del Moral

  • Redondela Beach in Isla Cristina has golden sands and is surrounded by abundant vegetation. Medium occupancy levels.

    La Redondela

  • Nueva Umbria beach near Isla Cristina is an isolated, golden sand beach with plenty of sand dunes. The only nudist beach around the area. Medium occupancy, lacks services. Natural environment and vegetation.

    Nueva Umbría

  • Hoyo beach is an isolated golden sand beach in Isla Cristina. Surrounded by vegetation and nature, pinetrees and sand dunes with crystal clear waters.

    Entre Cristina y La Redondela

  • Punta del Moral beach near Isla Cristina is an extensive golden sand beach. It has varied services and comes well equipped. Urban areas and more isolated areas. Crystal clear waters, and diverse activities.

    Isla del Moral (Frente a la playa de Punta Caimán)

  • Central Beach in Isla Cristina is an urban with numerous services. Sand dunes and pine trees. High occupancy levels. Golden Sands.

    Zona de Isla Cristina. Núcleo urbano.

  • La Antilla beach near Isla Cristina is a golden sand beach that is well equipped and offers all types of services. For this same reason it has a high occupancy level.

    La Antilla

  • Isla Canela beach near Isla Cristina is an urban beach with golden sands, and highly urbanized. It has isolated areas of abundant vegetation. Golden sands and the occupancy levels vary depending on where...

    Isla Canela

  • Central

  • Redondela

  • Punta del Caimán

  • Del Hoyo

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